You can book your lessons from friday till sunday with experienced instructors. Phone number : 2310 475728


We have started our academi, which take place every Wednesday & Thursday with experienced instructors for children 6 years old or more in bmx,skating, rollerblading, and scooter riding. On this day, the park is open only for its students.
The goal of this effort is for children to learn how to be active in our sports safely and correctly. Through this, they undergo socialization and practice the sport that they prefer and have the opportunity to receive awards and sponsorships and to participate in events that can even take place outside Greece.


NorthPark also makes its facilities available for events, such as birthday parties, competitions, photograph sessions, videos… and anything else you can imagine. For further information, please telephone:+30 2310 475728


Parties – Birthday Parties

The park’s facilities are made available for children’s parties. Here, our young friends can literally run wild in the park, releasing their energy, safely learning the sports that are provided (for children’s parties, the children may only skate, use scooters, or rollerblade).
The children must be more than 8 years old and if they do not know how to practice these sports, we provide an instructor and all the equipment needed in order for them to play safely. As for those that do know, we challenge them to do everything they can!!!!
Parties are arranged by appointment and on the premises of our cafeteria , everything required for a clean cafeteria, your choice of decoration, and a cake designed according to your taste! Parties can be held during the mornings and privately! For more information, please telephone: 2310 475728