RC Track Safety Regulations

Safety Regulations Because safety comes first!

  • Safety is our first priority, if you see something you think is unsafe, please report it to a Track Officer.
  • All Racers MUST BE signed-in at the Raceway Log before accessing the driver’s stand. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Only drivers running their car, are allowed on any area of the driver’s stand.
  • Only closed toe shoes are permitted on the raceway circuit. No sandals or flip-flops allowed on the track.
  • Setting foot on the track can be dangerous, do so at your own risk, parents are responsible to educate and train your kids on the risks of the turn marshaling.
  • Do not stop while in the flow of traffic pull off to a safe place.
  • Never run the opposite way, or against traffic on the track.
  • If your vehicle has flipped, you must call out the incident and location to warn other drivers.
  • If your car breaks during practice please stop running and get it repaired. A broken car can become a hazard for current racers.
  • Placement of your vehicle and retrieval shall only be done from the outside of the track in the designed cut-outs.
  • Battery charging is only permitted on the pit tables. Batteries must be placed directly on the metal surface of the table.
  • Please help to keep our facility looking nice by disposing of all trash in the proper containers.
  • We are a family-friendly facility. Please watch your action and language. Cursing or abusive language from the drivers stand, track building, or pit area is forbidden.
  • Track maintenance holds a higher priority over regular practice time, there may be times when the track will be temporarily closed to address maintenance.
  • No reserving nor holding tables for others. It’s a first come first serve policy.

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