The finest RC Track in Thessaloniki

Welcome to the finest organized RC Track in Northern Greece and Thessaloniki! Northpark Raceway was created to serve the needs of the demanding modelist. Enjoy our favorite hobby to the full extent. The track is designed for 1/10 scale RC off-road vehicles by experienced rc drivers with passion which guarantees infinite amount of fun!


The track is extending in 1200 m2, with big jumps, step-ups, bumps, technical parts and fast flat sectors. Driver’s stand is sun-proof. Powerful headlights guarantee action at night and day. The workbenches have 220V power supply and compressed air.

Now, the new drivers, have the change to practice in Junior Raceway! The new small track made for beginners. Also you can find Technical support from experienced personel about setup, repair, maintenance of your rc car.

Most important Northpark’s RC SHOP can supply Racers and modelers with quality RC equipment.

In our facilities you will find a refreshment room with toasts, club sandwiches, hot-dogs, a variety of coffees, beers, drinks and snacks. The cafeteria is air-conditioned with free wi-fi Internet.

Northpark Raceway is situated next to Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall and operates on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 16.00 to 22.30 as well as from 11.00 to 22.30 during the weekends.

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